Elastic Fastenings

Zero Restrain Fastening system for Bridges

ZRF is a unique innovative solution designed by Rahee to overcome the shortcomings of the present fastening system used by railways on bridges. Rahee’s design of ZRF assembly on Steel Channel Sleeper or H-beams meets the requirement of IRPWM (i.e. Rail free fastening). The Rahee design uses Elastic Rail Clip Mk-III, which is same as used on standard Track on the approaches at the Bridges in Indian Railways.

Salient Features 


Elastic Rail ClipsElastic Rail Clips

Rahee manufactures elastic rail clips to customer requirement. We are well equipped with design facilities and are capable of supplying elastic clips as per the rail section and toe load requirement of the customers. All arrangements for testing are available at our works. Finite element analysis to design clips is adopted. Special coatings like electroplating or tip galvanizing and/or powder coating can be applied on the clips depending upon the customer’s request.