Rail Expansion JointsRail Expansion Joints

Rail Expansion Joints developed by Rahee is a patented product and widely popular in India as Improved Switch Expansion Joint. After years of trials on Indian track the product has successfully been approved by the Indian Railways for mass usage on its network.

Imp SEJ comprises a pair of non-bent Rails (Stock Rail and Tongue Rail) mounted on C.I Chairs with a gap (expansion gap) between the two juxtaposed rail ends. A third rail (gap avoiding rail) is securely bolted to the Stock Rail by bolts with high tensile strength to form an extension of the Stock Rail. The system also has check rails to reduce wheel hunting, especially for worn out wheels. They are bolted to the C.I Chairs fixed symmetrically opposite to the expansion gap. The check rails also act as angle ties to keep the sleepers in position. All wheel transfer areas are head hardened to increase service life.

Salient features of Imp SEJ: