Rahee undertakes turnkey Bridge construction projects involving super structure as well as substructure work. Super structure works that Rahee undertakes include fabrication, assembly and launching/erection of steel, PSC, RCC and composite super structure of all types. Sub structure works undertaken by Rahee includes Pile, Well and Open foundation.

The company carries out construction of both plate & triangulated truss girder bridges including HT steel bridges for large spans. Rahee is approved by Indian railways for manufacture and supply of riveted and welded steel girders for railway bridges.

At Rahee we believe in speedy execution with quality deliverables. To facilitate the production at various project sites, Rahee has established well-equipped and modern fabrication facilities in its plants. Our facilities are manned by well experienced and qualified manpower, and supported by an in-house design and drawing team.

Rahee undertakes concrete, steel as well as composite bridge projects. Already the company has completed several bridge projects all across India involving challenges such as Incremental cantilever Launching of triangulated spans up to 92m.

Currently Rahee is executing contracts involving fabrication and erection/ launching of more than 50000 MT of steel structures at various sites spread across India. The company is constructing Super-structure of bridges as long as 5 Km involving spans upto 123m with individual span of 2100MT.

75000MT steel bridges completed

Erection 100m above ground level

10km of Bridges commissioned

Project name

Project name

Project name

Rahee made its foray in the track works field in the year 1998. Today the group undertakes turnkey projects involving: 

- Flash butt welding of rails on and off track
- Ballastless Track works for Metros and Railways
- Ballasted Track works for Metro Construction of Railway Sidings & Yards
- New Lines & doubling of tracks
- Gauge conversion of tracks
- Improvement of track structures

Permanent way is the foundation for all railways. Rahee undertakes supply and installation of tracks for all types of railway infrastructure projects. We work with customers requiring ballasted and ballastless track construction, track renewals, gauge conversion, new projects for main line, mass transit, metro and light rail projects.Rahee group is one of the fastest growing ballastless track contractors in the country. 

Rahee provides services for planning, building and improving railway sidings. The group has the capability to undertake turnkey railway sidings and yard development contracts. Our team of experts and associates can provide a one stop solution for design, supply & installation of tracks for sidings and main line. Rahee also undertakes Mobile Flash Butt Welding and other track works projects. The Company’s teams of well-qualified engineers use some of the best welding equipment to deliver high quality welds to customers. The group has successfully executed one of the highest number of welds in the country. 

40km BLT Commissioned in 16 months

Executing 140 km+ BLT

Executed 8 different track forms in a single project

Rahee is a leading player in the field of Rail fastening systems. It has been manufacturing track products for over 60 years. The Group's innovative outlook has propelled the company from strength to strength.Rahee in its pursuit to deliver the best solutions to its customers has also forged a Joint Venture with Pandrol Ltd of UK, the world leaders in elastic rail fastenings. The company markets and supplies one of the most advanced elastic fastening systems in the world.

Rahee owns patent for Zero Restraint Fastening System (ZRF), a unique & innovative solution designed by the company to overcome the shortcomings of the present fastening system used by railways on bridges. Rahee’s design of ZRF  System has been highly appreciated and approved by the Ministry of Railways for full fledged adoption in India.

The Company’s customers have the knowledge of Rahee’s engineering personnel at their disposal for development of new systems or the design of customer- specific products. Excellent staff potential together with outstanding technical knowledge ensures that customized solutions are put into practice within a short time.

Track Materials

Elastic Fastenings

Pandrol Fastenings

Rail Pads

Steel Sleeper

Steel Sleepers for Bridges

Steel Sleepers for Standard Track

Rahee Track Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (RTT) designs and manufactures steel sleepers, complete layouts, turnouts and turnout components such as crossings and switch devices for railway tracks, including high-speed, heavy haul, urban and commuting railways, in all available rail profiles and required gauges according to international standards.

The benefit of RTT’s Turnout Systems is based on minimized life cycle costs by :
- High lifetime
- Low maintenance
- High reliability
- Tailor made, specification-conformal designs

Primary considerations that engineers at Rahee take into account for designing are :
- Non-compensated horizontal acceleration
- Can't deficiency variation
- Jerk
- Lateral load
- Axle load
- Speed

Points & Crossings suitable for various layouts including Diamond Crossings with or without single or double slips, symmetrical switches, turnouts taking off from curve, double turnout, single cross-over, scissors cross-over etc. can be supplied.Through modern engineering, exceptional quality and latest technology, we guarantee efficient and competitive designs for a wide range of railway systems; along with a sustainable reduction in the cost incurred by superstructure maintenance and considerably increased turnout availability.

Turnout Facilities



Rail Expansion Joints

Spring Setting Devices

Glued insulated joints

Rahee with its vision to provide one stop solution from components to commissioning of tracks, set its footprints in the Mobile Flash Butt Welding business in the year 2005. Since then there has been no looking back and the company today possesses six state of the art Mobile Flash Butt Welding Plants, serving customers’ requirements all over India.

Its team of well-qualified engineers use some of the best welding equipment to deliver high quality welds to the customers. Our machines are approved and capable of welding 52 kg, 60 kg 90 and 110 UTS Rails along with both 880 and 1080 (Head Hardened) Grade rails which sums up all the types of rails being used in the country. Our available resources can weld over 1500 m of rails per day. The company has successfully completed over 3,50,000 welds which is one of the highest in the country.

List of Mobile flash butt welding machines possessed by the company:

K 900 An E.O.Patton rail-road machine
K 920 An E.O.Patton rail-road machine
K 922HK An E.O.Patton rail-road machine
K 355 A Plasser & Theurer rail-road machine
H 1000 A Holland co, USA rail-road machine

Welding of HH 1080 Gr. Rails

3,50,000+ welds executed

220+ kms track welded

Rahee has the capacity to fabricate 800 Tons of Structural Steelper month at its Howrah plants, where single pieces of up-to 15 MT can be fabricated. Facilities with covered area of over 15,000 sq.m and open fabrication yards of 30,000sq.m, with EOT cranes, are available for fabrication.

Rahee has modern fabrication facilities housing CNC Profile Cutting Machines, CNC drilling machine, Welding Transformers/ Rectifiers TIG, MIG, CO2, Semi-Automatic Submerged ARC Welding machines, Electroslag Welding Machine, continuous Beam straightening machine etc.

With the state of the art facilities for fabrication and machining, Rahee is one of the leading fabricators of steel bridges in India. As part of its manufacturing competence, Rahee can carry out compete full scale layouts, control/trial assemblies and testing of various structures and components in its workshops,

Four shot-blasting rooms are available for perfect surface preparation and anti-corrosive treatment of fabricated components, including metallising with aluminium spray.

Rahee, with its in-house physical and chemical testing facilities and a dedicated Quality Control team, ensures complete customer satisfaction. Testing facilities available include Ultrasonic Testing Machine,  Radiography Equipment,  Magnetic Particle Testing Machine,  Ultrasonic Surface Finish Tester, Die-Penetrant Testing Facility,  Digital Hardness Tester,  RAM Testing Facility (1:4), Digital Height Gauge, either in-house.

Being an ISO 9001 accredited company, stringent quality systems are an integral part of Rahee’s manufacturing processes. Both, in-process and final inspections are carried out by a team of trained quality engineers. The company management practices and trusts Total Quality Management.

Facilities available include :

- Plate Bending Machine
- CNC Profile Cutting Machine
- CNC Drilling machine
- SAW  Machine
- TIG, MIG, CO2 Welding Machines
- H/I Beam Straightening Line
- Hydraulic Presses up-to 700 Ton Capacity
- Grit/Sand Blasting
- Spray Metalizing Facility
- Painting Booth/Covered Painting Area

Third rail systems are a means of providing electric traction power to railway trains, and they use an additional rail (called a “conductor rail”) for the purpose. On most systems, the conductor rail is placed on the sleeper ends outside the running rails, but in some cases a central conductor rail is used. The conductor rail is supported on ceramic insulators or insulated brackets, typically at intervals of 10 feet (3 meters) or so.

Rahee manufactures and supplies these galvanized steel brackets, used as a component for a Support Insulator Assembly for  an electrification system dedicated to Metro application. The bracket is an interface between the guide way and the insulator. Its function is to hold and locate a conductor rails with reference to a running rail. The brackets are fabricated as per client specifications and drawings specific to each project. Usually the brackets are fabricated using hollow square pipes and thereafter Galvanized finished for dispatch.

Rahee manufactures various types of brackets :

- Line Bracket Support for Viaduct
- Ramp Bracket Support for Viaduct
- Line Bracket Support for Turnouts
- Ramp Bracket Support for Turnouts